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    Air Force 1 LXX

    The Nike Air Force 1 LXX has been made with precise stitching that gives the model a well-crafted look. This is evident in the upper, which features an unconventional swoosh that has been split in two down the middle. Its tail sits on top of the rear panel but is not connected to it across the middle, making it more of a strap than an overlay. Where its end goes under the heel panel, the tight stitching along the panel’s edge becomes longer, looser and indented. 

    Either side of the sunken midfoot section, the stitches of the front and backfoot overlays only go partway up the sides of the AF1 LXX. This makes room for the front half of the swoosh to pass beneath the quarter segment, while a short bar of stitching attaches the material, whether it be leather or suede, back to the shoe at the top. The front of the swoosh is split in two horizontally, with the lower part sewn down underneath and the tip held in place by one single thread. To finish off the elaborate stitching, dynamic zigzag lines run down the heel strip and along the bottom of the eyestay, below the lace dubrae.

    Distinctive branding also graces the Air Force 1 LXX, with the heel carrying a simple “Nike” in bold capital letters. On each foot, the two lateral letters are completely debossed, whereas the medial letters only have debossed outlines, producing an interesting mirrored effect. This reflective styling also occurs through the perforations, which only cover the lateral half of each toe box, leaving the medial side smooth.

    Meanwhile, the insole swooshes are split like those of the outer and have been printed facing in opposite directions. The lace dubraes have indented AF1 text within a rectangular border, and the patches on the thin tongue have been switched so that the inner one has Nike Air Force 1 lettering. The visible outer one includes information on the model beside a QR code, producing an edgy appearance that suits the artfully created Air Force 1 LXX.

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