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This Jordan 4 x Off-White™ sneaker has been reworked by Virgil Abloh’s luxury fashion label to shape a highly-desirable design full of smooth tones like Sail and Muslin. Along with this, it has been covered in alluring creative touches, including on the lateral side of the beige-coloured midsole, where the word “Air” has been printed in Abloh’s signature black Helvetica font. Just below this, in amongst a small section of white, is a window that allows the wearer to view the Air cushioning inside the heel. While this brings comfort, the outsole uses herringbone grip patterns alongside star-shaped nodes on the toe to give traction throughout. Translucent and off-white sections beneath the forefoot add an alternative look to the feature, as does the white piece under the arch of the foot, whose centre is adorned with Nike branding.

The translucent portions of the outsole extend up around the toe and the lateral flank, just above which the forefoot mudguard can be seen. This comes in a similar shade of beige and is made of a protective synthetic material with a delicate grid pattern over its surface. A slightly creamier tone fills out the leather overlay that reaches from the toe all the way along the flanks to the heel. On either side of the rear part, triangular pieces of TPU emerge from this panel above a double line of stitching. Each one connects to a fan-shaped lace cage which in turn accommodates the laces towards the top of the flat beige tongue. These laces then thread through the eyelets of the leather eyestay, before another lace cage secures them in place at the bottom. Just below this, a broad white mesh can be found, with similar patches of this material on the quarter as well, the medial-side one partially obscuring more Helvetica text in black behind it.

A large square label has been sewn into the top of the tongue, its cloudy surface containing a dark grey Jumpman and the word “Flight”. Inside, the shoe is covered in further off-white tones, and bold black Nike Air text resides on the insole. The topline of the collar has a somewhat exposed look with its unfinished stitching, which is in keeping with Abloh’s preference for a deconstructed design. Meanwhile, the large heel tab brings another see-through aspect to the sneaker, its translucent surface embossed with Nike Air wording and a swoosh. Air Jordan lettering has been sewn in black onto the underside of the tongue, and a cream-coloured zip-tie completes the stellar look of this classy Off-White™ collaboration.

  • Gender Women
  • Brand Jordan
  • Collection 4
  • Stylecode CV9388-100

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